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Please note the Design Guide version currently available for download has been provided by BubbleDeck International and there are minor differences between the current BubbleDeck standard slab configurations for each slab depth and this Guide.We are in the process of updating and revising this Design Guide, which will shortly be uploaded to this web site.

All advice, information and software from this site are intended for those who will evaluate the significance and limitations of its contents and take responsibility for its use and application. No liability (including that for negligence) will be accepted by BubbleDeck C.I. Ltd. for any loss or damage resulting from such advice, information and software including without limitation loss of profits, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any other loss or damage whatsoever. Users should note that all BubbleDeck publications and software are subject to revision from time to time and should therefore ensure that they are in possession of the latest version.

If you have any queries about applying the design guide to your project, please do contact us.

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PDFBubbledeck Span Guide
PDFBubbledeck Technical Manual
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PDFSystem Overview
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PDFBubbleDeck Design Guide
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